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    Greetings, and thank you for taking an interest in my profile. I offer my services as a writer, translator and editor. Allow me to tell you about my background.

    Writing has been my main activity in life ever since I was a kid, my all-time life goal being to become a renowned writer one day. Even though I am starting my career as a web freelancer writer, I still have a lot of prior experience in the field of writing in general. In addition to having practiced on personal projects for years and edited various works for others, professionally speaking I was part of a university club in which I was both one of the head editors and writer in our yearly magazine. Moreover, I also happened to write articles for the renowned journal "Liberté", which is one of the most-read journals in Algeria.

    I excel in both French and English and I have a very creative mind, allowing me to write on any topic in either one of these two languages. I also have a degree in physics, which makes me able even to take on demands that would otherwise require some technical knowledge. I will take on any job and meet your deadlines, all while delivering quality work for a good price as I am new to Freehali, and even make special promotions for regulars.
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